Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cloaking Devices and Dirty White Suits

In his speech before Congress yesterday, President Obama proved again that he is a masterful speaker. No matter that some of the statements of fact were wrong - those Germans invented the automobile - and the style - the Biden shout out - could use a bit of buffing. No question that the man knows how to move an audience. As several pundits have noted, he is extending his campaign style into his presidency. That style surely got him into the White House and has the power to whip his supporters into the higher realms of expectation. And with such lofty oratory comes the possibility that some of those expectations may be unrealized.

One absolutely unrealized expectation yesterday was the Republican response delivered by Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal. Frankly, I've never thought much of opposition responses. They remind me of the white-suited man, shovel in hand, following the elephant in the circus parade. The guy may have an important job, but everybody remembers the elephant. If Jindal wants to stay clean and build his resume, he simply must improve that shoveling technique or find another job in the circus. Republicans should take all of this as a serious warning that their message for 2010 must be selected carefully, wrapped beautifully, and delivered appropriately. If not, they will be following an ass - the donkey variety - for a very long time.

[Apologies to my Democrat friends - just couldn't help myself.]


VoteNovember2008 said...

I just found your blog! I love Tybee! VN8

Old Tybee Ranger said...

Hope you continue to enjoy OTR. Spread the word. Have to agree with you that Tybee is a special place.