Wednesday, June 17, 2015

M.C. Escher: Impossible Constructs And Tessellations, Too!

Your may know his name.

You surely know his art.

Hand With Reflecting Sphere                              1935

Encounter                                                                                                           1944

Ascending and Descending                                                         1960

Escher, was born in the Netherlands on this day in 1898. The M.C. Escher Foundation and the M.C. Escher Company maintain an outstanding, comprehensive site about the artist and his work. A visit to the store is essential, first, to look at and purchase the quality merchandise, and second, to see a superb example of how to market your goods on the Internet.  The entire site deserves a design award.

By the way, if you merely want to know more about tessellations, go here.

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