Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Rite Of Spring Is Here!

We just finished our first full day of northern spring so here's some music to celebrate the season breaking upon us. It is Igor Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring [Le Sacre du Printemps] for many years a personal favorite. Through the Internet we can enjoy the 1987 recreation of the dance originally choreographed for the piece's premiere in 1913. I'm not much of a dance fan but the historian in me - one who does enjoy early 20th century history and culture - thinks this is an interesting bit of entertainment.

I've written about The Rite of Spring before because it is so significant in the world of music over the last century. The ballet was remarkably innovative. Pandemonium erupted at its premiere in Paris. After all it was a strange mixture of weird music, strange dance, and human sacrifice. But Stravinsky's new and soon to be beloved music never stopped in his lifetime. In fact, the music you  just heard could have been written earlier this afternoon it is so fresh. And Stravinsky has been gone for more than forty springs.

Note that Parts Two and Three are available. Hope you enjoy all of it.  

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