Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Soderbergh Snoozer Production

Humberto Fontova reports on Babalu that Steven Soderbergh's four-hour long simpatico biopic, entitled Che, has grossed about $30 million world-wide, including a total take of $293,708 in North America. The good news is the cost of production: $58 million. Che seemed to have had high production values and a quality cast, but the subject was a stinker. Soderbergh has every right to worry about his career.

Didn't see this film in theaters. Don't plan to put it in a Netflix queue either. And God help us if a musical gets to Broadway.

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Costello said...

I avoided it after reading the reviews - generally glowing - which made it quite clear it was a hagiography, not an objective biopic. All of that disgusting creatures crimes and murders were left out and what was left was hour upon hour of glorious propaganda. My favourite review of the movie mentioned the fact that it was so powerful its premier in Paris left "grown frenchmen crying in the aisle". Just about says it all.