Saturday, July 11, 2009

Afghan Refugee Mom And Seven Kids Live In London Mansion At Taxpayer Expense

Here is another unbelievable story about the British welfare system and why it is bankrupting the UK. Be sure to click on the link to the Daily Mail article if you want to be completely outraged.

Last year, I met a couple in their forties from southwest of London who vacationed at their two modest properties in the U.S., one in central North Carolina, the other in Missouri. Back home in England, they operated a small, successful sandwich shop in a resort town. I asked them if they looked forward to retiring there and was met with an abrupt response that they would be here permanently in the U.S. tomorrow if our authorities would let them. Would the welfare story have something to do with their attitude?


Costello said...

That's a fairly old story but yeah its a good, if somewhat extreme, example of our disgraceful welfare system which now pays out more in benefits than the government takes in from income taxes.

Asylum seekers and immigrants aside, far and away the greatest drain comes in the form of the many ghettos made up of native, white british families who in many instances have lived on benefits for up to 3 generations. 3 generations with no real experience of work or in any way contributing to, or playing a part in, society.

Given that our welfare system rewards irresponsibility and discriminates againsg marriage and stable families it should come as no surprise that it's become something of a career choice for young women, rather than choosing abortion as a form of contraceptive, to have children out of wedlock. Having a child guarantees the girl generous benefits and more significantly bumps them straight to the top of any waiting list for government housing.

Old Tybee Ranger said...

Yes, I admit this case is extreme, and one I bet occurs in urban U.S. as well. Also appreciate your directing the focus on the real issues in this unsustainable system.