Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Christmastide 2016: The Eleventh Day

According to the many versions of the song, The Twelve Days of Christmas, this day could see your true true love bringing you pipers piping, ladies dancing, ladies spinning, badgers baiting, lads a-louping, lords a leaping or bulls a beating. Take your pick. Unfortunately, one item not found in any version is the gift of good fortune. Tradition tells us that gift should come in the form of a wish from a chimney sweep on New Year's Day. I like tradition but I certainly don't like the odds of readers and friends ever meeting a chimney sweep these days. To rectify the situation I'd like to introduce you to some sweeps from the imaginations of Wiener Werkstatte artists from the early 20th century.

And if three chimney sweeps, pretty girls, and a pig don't lift your spirits and leave you with high hopes in the new year this should do it.


Photos and Illustrations:


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