Friday, December 30, 2016

Christmastide 2016: The Sixth Day

Today is a quiet day in the Christian calendar, a day without a feast or commemoration, We'll take the opportunity to focus on what has become the song of songs for Christmas in the last 75 years. It is White Christmas, written by Irving Berlin and debuted by Bing Crosby in the 1942 film, Holiday Inn. He reprised the song in a 1954 "remake," White Christmas, but the film, even in color and the first in VistaVision, simply doesn't hold up to the original for most film buffs. To be fair, there is enough divergence in the story lines and music to make both films enjoyable, a point that may be vigorously discussed by those who choose to have a "battle of the films" on some cold evening during the holiday.

In 2012, the political observer, Mark Steyn, who also happens to be an expert on the history of popular music and musical theater, made some fine observations about White Christmas as the song of songs for this season. It's not only that - the 1942 recording by Crosby still ranks as the best-selling single worldwide with sales exceeding 100 million copies



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