Monday, August 29, 2016

Maritime Atlanta: The Sea Breeze Comes To Peachtree Street

Tybee Island, Georgia 

It's been some time since I lived on Tybee Island and enjoyed a daily sea breeze. Have to wait for the one time that those breezes come to Atlanta, and, yes, it's that time of year. For the past week or more Atlanta has enjoyed a wonderful easterly sea breeze courtesy of the aging summer and its easterly waves. Fortunately most of the moisture has been wrung out as a result of temperatures in the low 90's. The pleasant dry winds come with exceptionally blue and mostly clear skies by evening but punctuated here and there with rogue thundershowers. Our aging summer also brought some color to the tulip poplars early in the week and an early beginning for falling leaves among the oaks and pines. It has been dry this year so the acorn crop is about average or a bit low. It's also maturing late so the squirrels have yet to take full advantage of the juicy bounty. I'm hoping the harvest is a sign of a mild winter. Regardless, the hummingbirds know winter is coming. They've started their over aggressive frenzies around the feeders and keeping them filled is an almost daily job now.  I still can't believe that most of these tiny creatures will soon be wintering in Central America. 

All of these seasonal messages, especially with Hurricane Gaston churning the Atlantic, two tropical depression around the Southeast coast, and a disturbance off Texas. have me thinking about the coast and the upcoming Labor Day weekend. But fear isn't in my mind. It's Beach Music, that R&B, cross-racial sound  that's been celebrated on the Carolina coast since the middle of the last century. It's that beat and tempo, and the shag dancing that we'll enjoy from Virginia Beach to Tybee Island, maybe even Jacksonville. Listening to this sound, especially as we approach the end of summer brings fond memories to mind. I could go on with more details, but this is music and the way to learn is to listen and enjoy it. 

Wanna dance?


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