Sunday, February 7, 2016

SS United States: New Plans For America's Flagship

Good news for history buffs and the historic preservation movement . . .

I first wrote about the dire situation facing the SS United States in 2010 and followed the post in 2014 with an update on the enthusiastic efforts to save this significant piece of national history. And this is why the SS United States is worth preserving:  

For seventeen years, the SS United States carried passengers across the Atlantic Ocean as the Queen of the American Merchant Marine. This great liner still holds the westbound Atlantic crossing record - at an average speed of almost 40 mph - set on her maiden voyage in 1952. Now merely an empty shell, she has been weathering away since the late '70's and moored at her last destination, Philadelphia, since 1996. With her interior furnishings gone, some may say that she is a vessel we can afford to lose. But instead of decoration, the SS United States was noted for her innovation, performance, and adaptability as a military as well as civilian vessel. She is, therefore, a most suitable example of American industrial and engineering history.

Earlier this week Crystal Cruises and the SS United States Conservancy announced they had reached agreement on a planned purchase, revitalization, and return of the famed ship as a luxury liner. You can read more about the project here.


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