Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Seventh Day Of Christmas 2015

Happy New Year, Wiener Werstatte Postcard 149            Karl Dellavilla, ca 1908 

We have arrived at New Year's Eve, the seventh day of Christmastide. In much of Christian Europe this day is also known as Silvester or the Feast of Sylvester I, named after the 4th century pope. One of the more interesting iterations of celebrating the arrival of the new year occurs in Scotland. It's known as Hogmanay. It's a nice blend of old and new elements including fireworks, bonfires, torchlight processions, and driving out the trolls. 

As 2015 comes to an end here is Ernest Tomlinson's Fantasia on Auld Lang Syne.  It is a piece referencing over 150 other tunes that are sure to evoke memories of past times and events.  In a matter of hours midnight will bring a myriad of sensations welcoming us into the challenges and opportunities of a new year .  

Happy New Year!


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