Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Wolfman: Still Growling In Syndication After All These Years

Wolfman Jack from the NBC television series, Go, 1974

One of the most recognizable voices in entertainment, Wolfman Jack, passed away on this day in 1995.  If you're an older boomer and listened to rock and roll on the radio in the '60's and '70's you surely heard him at least once on one of his very offbeat programs on the Mexican "border blaster" stations, on WNBC in New York, and in syndication out of KRLA in California .  If you're a youngster - under 35 - you've likely only encountered him in this clip from the 1973 blockbuster film, American Graffitti.

Most appropriately, a BBC News program recently called the Wolfman "the most outlandish, most thrilling and most elliptical disc jockey of the American 1960s." For more on this enigmatic and influential American entertainer, go to Kip's American Graffitti Blog. It's an essential source filled with photographs and audio links. If you enjoyed the film you can spend hours exploring the whole site

It would not be worth writing about the man without linking to some audio. Here is the radio master at work at WNBC in 1973. Oh yeah!



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