Friday, October 24, 2014

Halloween Countdown - Day 7

Our postcard for the day is a 1909 number from Julius Bien and Co., New York. Here is his biographical sketch from

Julius Bien (1826-1909) was a trained lithographer when he emigrated to the United States from Germany. His printing company was established in New York in 1849. His firm printed children's annuals and reproduction chromolithographs of Audubon's work. He then became a noted cartographer and produced thousands of high quality maps of the West as well as other parts of the United States. Julius Bien postcards are often colorful greetings of a comical nature such as the ones shown above, and were published in the 1900s-1910s.

Today's music comes from the The Adventures of Ichabod and Mister Toad, a Walt Disney film classic from 1949. The Ichabod adventure appeared again in The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, a 1955 production for the television series, Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color. I turned nine years old in 1955, still the perfect age for the big event. By that year, our gang members had already been veterans at looking out for the Headless Horseman and his fiery pumpkin. Halloween in western Maryland was already an adventure with freezing winds, sometimes rain, and even heavy snow showers that roared off Lake Erie about 150 miles to the northwest. Those Halloweens were unforgettable rites of passage for us.

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