Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Favorite Scenes From A Century Of Cinema - 11

Anthony Burgess published his novel,  A Clockwork Orange, in 1962. Nine years later Stanley Kubrick wrote, directed, and produced an adaptation on film. It was based on the American publication, a version with a significantly different conclusion. Burgess came to regret having two versions of the novel. Furthermore, he grew to despise the film because he spent most of his remaining life - he died in 1993 - having to deal with its controversial ending. Regardless, Stanley Kubrick's effort brought popularity to the novel and a disquieting sense of the reality of violence and dystopia that has crept into Western civilization in the last forty years.

A Clockwork Orange is an essential experience for film buffs. It is a violent, repulsive, and frightening interpretation of the evil that lurks in our world.

If the film is "too much" for readers, they may enjoy the soundtrack. It is most entertaining, full of great classical music and some of earliest synthesized music composed and performed by Walter Carlos who later "transitioned" to Wendy Carlos. Carlos also composed music for The Shining (1980), another Kubrick film, and for the Walt Disney production, Tron (1982).

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