Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Banjo-Pickin' Bluegrass Legend, Earl Scruggs, Died Today

Earl Scruggs - Photo by Tom Pich
OTR never met the man, but Mrs. Ranger had a wonderful evening with Earl Scruggs and friends in a tiny venue in Newborn, Georgia, a year or so ago. He came to listen to music and ended up in long conversations with audience members.  She reported he was most gracious, quite generous with his time, and delivered dozens of stories in a warm, down-home style sprinkled with the laughter of a satisfied man. After some prompting he took the stage reluctantly to perform with several local musicians. She thought everybody had a good time that evening, especially Scruggs who helped turn out the lights and lock the door.

Here is Scruggs performing his Foggy Mountain Breakdown with Lester Flatt, his musical partner for over twenty years, and the Foggy Mountain Boys:

Simply legendary music.

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John thanks for posting this one. Earl Scruggs was supposedly related to the Scruggs house folks at Cowpens National Battlefield, all the Scruggs who still live in the area say so. In any event, he along with several other Scruggs have made a positive impact on the music industry.