Thursday, September 11, 2008

Time Out

Today, John McCain and Barack Obama put aside their battle for the White House to remember the attack on the World Trade Center. Seeing them standing there, side by side, heads bowed, hands folded "at rest," it's almost like watching two little boys in church when the preacher eyes them. Once out of the collective eye and the commemorative voice, they'll be picking away at each other at the stroke of midnight.

The bickering we'll see may be just a preview of the coming attractions if the Democrats fail to come to the aid of their standard bearer. First, he needs a strong sedative and some rest so he can get rid of that stressed look he's had lately. I'd recommend a nice vacation, but he took one about two weeks ago. That wouldn't look good.

Second, he needs to get over Governor Palin. She's in this race for the duration and has most certainly deflated his celebrity ego. His handlers need to remind him that he's running against McCain. Every time he get flustered over Palin, the words go out, the videos go out, he looks weaker and the voters look away.

Third, he must understand that "meanings are in people." Yes, vocabulary is important, but any good speaker knows that that the audience determines meaning. I am reminded of the cartographer who was field checking his draft maps with some old mountain men. On looking at his draft, they got strange looks on their faces. When the cartographer asked why, they responded that there was no such thing as Pickett Mountain in their area. The cartographer replied that he had been most careful transcribing his research. Indeed, the cartographer and his friends were both correct. What was "Pickett" to the mapmaker was "Peak-ed" to the people who lived in the area. "Peaked Mountain" appeared on the map. Unfortunately for Obama, "lipstick on a pig" ended up on Sarah Palin. Oops! his bad. Frankly, I'm unsure he can function without a prompter or similar aid. The debates will make or break him.

Fourth, Democrats need to end the feeding frenzy on the part of their moonbat allies. Every additional dose of Bush Derangement Syndrome aimed at the opposition candidates reinforces the belief among independents that Democrats represent the unhinged. Bush isn't running this time. McCain is not Bush. The war in Iraq is coming to a quick end. A war crimes trial for the current administration? No, thank you. Get over it and move on, without the "org."

Fifth, the media is not to blame for Obama's meltdown. I have placed this point toward the end of my list, but it is by no means a minor one. It should be obvious to Obama and the party that virtually all of the dinosaur media is working overtime to get him elected. To blame the media is to bite the hand that feeds you. That's exactly what he did today. A few more attacks, and Obama's heretofore untold story will be dissected by a vicious media. If that happens, it's over.

Sixth, Biden needs a script, too. Obama's most important decision to date was his selection of Senator Biden as his running mate. In the last day, during a stump appearance, Senator Biden responded to a question by saying that he may not have been the best candidate for vice-president for the Democrats. Ya think! Second guessing at this point? Most important decision to date was a bad one. Not a good sign. William Katz (Urgent Agenda) - great new political blog - is among the first of the bloggers to mention the possibility that Biden may be setting the stage for his exit, and for Hillary's ascension to Number Two on the ticket. Could be, but it's a sure sign of desperation.

My suspicion is that Obama, in the last wisps of consciousness before sleep, is haunted by the thought of two pit bulls in lipstick. This is going to be great fun.

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