Friday, September 12, 2008

Obama Campaign in Free Fall

Friends, this is sickening. Today, the Obama campaign pushed out its latest attack add saying that McCain "doesn't know how to use a computer [and] can't send an email." I think it's time to hire some new management. Obviously, the current group overlooked several of the points I listed in yesterday's post. If they had performed a simple search, perhaps they would have discovered an article in the Boston Globe dated March 4, 2000. Jonah Goldberg, at National Review's The Corner, has the link and the details. The conclusion is simply that McCain's hosts at the Hanoi Hilton beat him so badly that he cannot use a keyboard, comb his hair or tie his shoes. He cannot perform several basic daily functions. In other words, he is disabled.

The fact that this ad survived the brainstorming session is beyond stupid, and another sign that the Obama campaign is completely panicked and in full reactive mode. After throwing many of his allies under the bus, Barack Obama is about to join them at the hands of the fawning media and left wingers who cannot cope with the thought of impending loss.

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